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"I learn and fly" – Everyday Greek for tourists

Ideal for beginners to the Greek language, will have you speaking, writing and understanding basic Greek in no time! Fun and easy-to-use, it focuses on developing everyday essential Greek phrases using native speakers. You’ll learn Greek with Linguaphone e-learning system packed full of exercises and tests. They’ll help you develop the correct pronunciation and authentic accent, as well as helping you learn over 500 new Greek words and phrases.

What you’ll learn:

  • 0 -500 practical Greek words and phrases
  • Essential Greek vocabulary for everyday tourist situations (in hotel, restaurant, shopping etc)
  • Ability to speak, listen and write basic Greek
  • Development of an authentic Greek accent

Sample topics covered:

  • Meeting and greeting people for the first time
  • Asking questions and ordering food and drink
  • Talking about your family and friends
  • Finding your way around and asking for directions