1. Who can use the system "I learn and fly" - Everyday Greek for tourists?
Ideal for beginners to the Greek language, will have you speaking, writing and understanding basic Greek in no time! Fun and easy-to-use, it focuses on developing everyday essential Greek phrases using native speakers. You’ll learn Greek with Linguaphone e-learning system packed full of exercises and tests. They’ll help you develop the correct pronunciation and authentic accent, as well as helping you learn over 500 new Greek words and phrases.

Important Notice:  explanations and translation are in English –see demo

2. What is educational material covered?

What you’ll learn:

  • 0 -500 practical Greek words and phrases
  • Essential Greek vocabulary for everyday situations
  • Ability to speak, listen and write basic Greek
  • Development of an authentic Greek accent

Sample topics covered:

  • Meeting and greeting people for the first time
  • Asking questions and ordering food and drink
  • Talking about your family and friends
  • Finding your way around and asking for directions

3. In what way can I access educational content?

Educational content is distributed via our Learning Management System (LMS). LMS can be accessed via any internet connected device (pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone) using any of the commonly used internet browsers (internet explorer, chrome, firefox, opera, etc). This means that you can access your learning content from everywhere, any time, whenever you like, following your own pace in learning and practice.  The learning method is highly based in audio.

4. For how long my subscription to the LMS is going to be active?
The duration of your subscription will last for 1 year after the date of purchase.

5. Can somebody else use my credentials to access LMS system from another device?
Access to LMS is personalized. This means that LMS tracks your personal process and progress to the lesson so we strongly advice to use your credentials for your own personal learning path. Access to LMS is possible through multiple devices but notice that only one device can be connected to the system at the same time under the same account. This means that you can share your credentials with your family or friends but you can't use the system simultaneously with the same credentials.